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Thomas Lepper & Associates are specialists in automotive, motorcycle, tractor trailer, recreational vehicle (RV), farming, and construction equipment component analysis and mechanical failures in the areas of:
  • Tire Separations and Failures

  • Fire Cause and Origin

  • Ignition Lock Cylinder Integrity

  • Transponders/Engine Immobilizers

  • Ignition Key Issues

  • Aftermarket Alarm Issues

  • Ignition Key Code Downloading

  • Brake Systems and Failures

  • CDR Tool Downloads and Analysis

  • Fuel and fluid contamination issues

  • Song-Beverly Act vehicle Inspections

  • Steering and Suspension Systems

  • Seat Belt and Air Bag Issues

  • Mechanical Defects

  • Automatic and Manual Transmissions

  • Automotive Paint Issues

  • Throttle/Unwanted Acceleration Issues

  • Wiring and Electrical Issues

  • Impact Damage Issues

  • Racetrack / Racecar  Incidents

  • Fluids Laboratory analysis

  • Dealership Vehicle Inspections Issues

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