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In addition to our automotive expertise, we are pleased to offer a state-of-the-art Crash Data Retrieval System, commonly referred to as CDR.  ​

With this system, we are able to obtain vital information from the air bags computer memory.  This coverage started in the mid-1990s with many General Motors vehicles.  The coverage expanded to most domestic vehicles in the early 2000s and after 2014 coverage grew to include all vehicles sold in the United States and some foreign countries.

The vehicle's air bag computer memory collects data that typically occurred within the 5 seconds prior to impact.  The CDR typically records the following information prior to an air bag deployment or a near air bag deployment.

This information includes:​

·        The brake status - at what point the brake pedal was depressed, or if it was applied

·        Vehicle speed - the speed of the vehicle in miles per hour

·        Engine speed - engine revolutions per minute (RPM) through the recorded event

·        Throttle percentage - this identifies placement of the throttle pedal during the recorded event

·        Status of the driver's seat belt switch at impact - buckled or unbuckled

·        Time between the impact and air bag deployment (in milliseconds)

·        Status of the SIR (airbags) warning lamp when impact occurred

·        Ignition cycles at the time of the incident and inspection 


The information obtained from the CDR is very useful in determining the brake pedal and throttle application data in both reported brake failure cases and unwanted acceleration claims.

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